Added Nov 22, 2022 Project Manager - Senior (25247) Minneapolis, MN | Contract Apply

Job Description

Fulcrum Consulting, an LRS company is seeking a Project Manager - Senior for a position with our client in Minneapolis, MN.

Strong experience in delivering OT communication projects
  • Microwave, Fiber, PLTE, Voice
***Intake Questionnaire Below ****

Will this position require travel? How often? Where? Is this reimbursable? How? Expenses, Per diem?
  • Very limited travel (2-4 trips) Denver, Minneapolis, Amarillo (depending where the candidate is located)
Is there any potential for this resource to be extended beyond the initial tenure? Is conversion to FTE a possibility at any point?
  • Extension is very likely (I foresee 3 years plus)
  • FTE conversion MIGHT be possible but is driven by business demand At this point - No
What are the main technology application/software skills/experience this resource will be required to possess? Are these skills negotiable?
  • Solid knowledge in the delivery of WAN, Fiber, Microwave communication systems projects/ Voice is optional – Nope, minimum requirement
What are 3-4 skills or areas of experience on a resume that you "must have" to move a candidate forward to an interview? How many years of experience with these skills?
  • Great communication skills, can work under high pressure, self-directed, team player, experience to lead a cross functional team in a matrix environment
What might this person have done in the past? What sorts of positions might they have held?
  • Minimum of 7 years of PM experience, incl. financials and leading a team
Required education level? Is this negotiable?
  • Bachelor plus 7 years of PM experience or 10 years of PM experience with HS diploma / PMP nice to have but not required
Are there any preferred or "nice to have" skills? Is there any flexibility for these skills? (People often inherit skills along their career that are not readily available in the market).
  • Not really, the interview will show if they are a good fit from a technical as well as soft skills
Can you think of any "red flags" on a resume? (Large gaps, previous companies, drastic career changes, extremely job hoppy)
  • Note the "nature of the business" of contract work. Resources will have different roles and responsibilities with short and long contracts.
  • Previous companies do NOT play a large role, however excessive job hopping is a no go
Would you consider a non-local candidate if they are willing to relocate for the life of the assignment at their own expense?
  • Yes
What type of personality or working style typically excels in this role?
  • Must be an A Team player, take responsibility for failure and success, proactive thinking, open and honest, willing to go the extra mile if so required
What does the team/department do?
  • We deliver any and all OT communication systems across the Xcel territory, such as Fiber, Microwave, WAN, PLTE from cradle to grave

Fulcrum Consulting, an LRS Company, is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants for employment will receive consideration without unlawful discrimination based on race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, gender identity, domestic partner status, sexual orientation, genetic information, citizenship status or protected veteran status.